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We conduct surgeries for transgender people in russia at the lowest prices

Due to the exchange rates and lower prices in Russia, you can afford surgeries such as facial feminization (FFS) and vaginoplasty (SRS) at significantly lower prices than in any European country.

Face feminization Emphasize your beauty!

Thanks to the planning Thanks to the planning we have accurate data on the maximum capabilities of your FFS. Change the face, keeping the family features, or create your new beauty.

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Body feminization Achieve the desired shape!

Hormone therapy is not possible or does not give the desired effect? We will help you get what is not given by nature! Creation of the feminine shapes and body proportions for a harmonious appearance.

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VaginoplastyGet the perfection in everything!

Fulfill your dream: High-quality and affordable SRS is now available in Europe! You will get the result with the depth not less than 16cm, high sensitivity and beauty.

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Why choose us?

Reasons why people choose us:

Experience in work with transgender people  We create unique technologies for our unique clients.

Reputation Read what our patients write in the review book. The book is available to all the patients and is stored at the ward.

Affordable prices The clinic uses its premises efficiently and is located in an area with low rent.

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Meet our doctors

Our wonderful specialists

Konstantin Klimenko

Plastic surgeon

Konstantin Vladimirovich Klimenko is a plastic surgeon with twenty years of medical experience; he has conducted more than three thousand successful surgeries. He is a member of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons and the German Academy and the Society of Plastic Surgery.

Ivan Kashnikov

Plastic surgeon

Ivan Lvovich Kashnikov is a plastic surgeon who has extensive experience in his field; he has mastered various techniques of plastic surgery, face lifts, body, injection and laser procedures for more than 13 years.

Grigoriy Voskanyan

Plastic surgeon

G.S. Voskanyan is a certificate holder for contouring plastic surgery, botulinum therapy and trendlifting, which is the main field of its activity. In addition, the doctor was and remains one of the most active participants of international symposia and congresses on reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, microsurgery, treatment of wounds and wound infections, diagnosis and treatment of head and neck diseases and many other fields of medicine.

Pavel Abramov

Plastic surgeon

Certified plastic and general surgeon with the international practice and experience. Performs operations and procedures in the Medamed clinic of plastic surgery in Russia annd also in Italy, in the Abramov Plastic clinic of plastic surgery (Rome and Perugia).


The main mission of the RSAS clinic is providing affordable and comprehensive assistance to transgender people. Comprehensive services for transgender people also include psychiatric support for changing the documents (valid in Russia, Ukraine and some countries of the former USSR)
The RSAS clinic was established in 2011 with the participation of the Transgender Foundation (founded in 2004). We are the only clinic fully designed and established by transgender people, for transgender people.
The RSAS clinic was founded by a family of two transgender people Yael and Andrey Demedetski after the establishment of the Foundation "Transgender" and Moscow community center for transgender people. You can read more about us, our patients and transgender activists in Russia in English: The Moscow Thimes, video: CodaStory, The Guardian
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